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Posted by jswaninger on August 17, 2006

I found this article on http://www.deadspin.com, which Tom if you have not checked it out yet you should, and it just made me laugh.

Canseco Pitching Debut Goes As You Probably Imagined It Would

There are many forms of self delusion. There’s Kip from Napoleon Dynamite, who was “training to be a cage fighter.” Then there’s Jose Canseco, who beaned four batters, walked five and gave up a home run over 4 1/3 innings in his pitching debut with the Long Beach Armada on Wednesday, inspiring this classic quote:
“Overall, it felt pretty good,” said Canseco, who joined the independent Golden Baseball League earlier this year. “It took me a little while to get a rhythm out there, and I walked too many guys. It should get better … I try to do the best possible. I’d love to throw a shutout or no-hitter or whatever.”

Yes, a no-hitter may be just around the corner, because Canseco also got his first career strikeout. And what we want to know is, who was the guy who whiffed against a 42-year-old knuckleballer, and when does he report to the Cubs?

Sorry. That was just … sorry.


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