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These Days

Posted by jswaninger on August 23, 2006

With the Soffa draft just around the corner I am starting to get that feeling. It only comes around a couple times a year. That feeling that something great is almost here.

I smile at the thought of this Saturday. Just the knowledge that great stories are just about here. Whether it is Daryl the dud, phones ringing in walls, Katie always reconfirming what a whoure she is and the tons of little stories that occur throughout the night.

These days always seem to change throughout life. Growing up it was always Christmas. But then as I got older and discovered the joys of alcohol I realized how much better other days can be. In college nothing could compare with the first home football game. I could never sleep the night before. The night would always end in a blur with randoms around but we could always piece the night together the morning after. Which is still my favorite time.

Now there are a couple days to look forward to. Soffa draft could be in my #1 spot right now. Opening day has fallen recently. The stories just arent as good as they use to be. So to make sure Soffa draft does not make a turn that way we need to drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol. Which is why I love the addition of jungle juice and maybe we can throw in a drinking game. They always bring back everyones favorite time in life, college. I just hope that when the stories about butt good come around the next morning my name is not involved. Especially since her face will look like Mrs. Jorgenson’s by draft day.


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Dreamcruise Saturday night…

Posted by prsparty on August 21, 2006

As you know there are few times a year when you can see all the Ferndale peeps in one spot. Thanksgiving Eve @ Tony’s / Sneakers and Saturday night of DreamCruise @ the Elks. I got my phill at the Elks on Saturday and man do I feel old.

The first person to greet me when I walk in was Amanda Dale. I think I coached her when she was a 9-10 backstroker. Now she’s a pretty decent looking blonde with a nice rack and a MASSIVE whale-tail hanging out of her jeans. That’s odd.

Then Vance Renforth bumps into me and spills a beer on my feet. He was on of our 13-14 boys that sucked, but good for PR.

After that the usual show up…Rochelle Geary, Corey Smith, Steve Gallis, Teddy Gregorio, Melissa Houser, Trevor O’Conner…huh?? Talk about covering some FHS history!! At one point I had Zico (class of 87), Myself (95), Joe (90) and Emmele (97) name someone in the bar from each class starting at 86 and ending at 2003. I think we hit every year except three.

I can do this once or twice a year. Anymore than that and I’ll want to move to South Dakota to get away. It’s a lot like the 10-year reunion…great to see those people for about 3 hours, but don’t exchange phone numbers or email addresses; it was nice to catch up, but now go away for another 10 years.  

Finally, I don’t know crap about cars. But after sitting on the Tony’s patio with a couple gearheads on Friday night, I have a little more appreciation for the DC. People who love cars, LOVE cars. That day is like our Fantasy Draft or Opening day for them. Rednecks? Yes. But it’s pretty cool to see people loving life for a couple days.

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